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How to Protect Your Kings’ Chapel Home from Carpenter Bees

If you’re spotting huge, shiny-bottomed bees near your home, on your deck or anywhere else in your living space, you might have a big problem: carpenter bees. Kings’ Chapel isn’t any more susceptible to wood-boring bees than other areas are, but these backyard pests will take up residence anywhere that’s bee-friendly enough to host them.

carpenter bees

What Are Carpenter Bees, and Why Are They So Bad?

Carpenter bees are great pollinators, but they have terrible housekeeping habits… they want to keep your house.

These industrious little bees bore into wood by chewing it away. They don’t eat the wood; they burrow into it to build nests. The 0.5-inch tunnels carpenter bees create eventually weaken wood by allowing water inside, and fungus can grow to develop rot.

1.1 Carpenter Bee Damage - Kings' Chapel

How to Find Carpenter Bee Damage

Your first tip-off that you may have to battle carpenter bees is seeing them around your home. When they’re buzzing around, they’re usually scouting out new real estate for their next nest.

If they’re beginning to bore into the wood of your deck, your home or your picnic table, you’ll notice holes – sometimes oddly shaped holes – along the surfaces of the wood.

Although many experts claim that carpenter bees don’t bother with treated wood, that’s simply not the case. Bees adapt quickly to their environments, so if treated, finished wood is where they want to be, they’ll dig right in.

1.2 Carpenter Bee Damage to Decks and Houses - Kings' Chapel

What to Do About Wood-Boring Bees

Unfortunately, if you attempt to fill carpenter bees’ holes, you risk being stung by a very large (and very angry) bee.

Your best bet is to set traps.

Carpenter bee traps are available commercially. You can also make your own, but if you’re not an accomplished carpenter (you have to be better than the bees), it’s probably a good idea to buy one made by a professional.

Once you’ve captured all the bees, you’ll need to fill the holes they made with caulk. If a new carpenter bee flies by and notices that someone’s already started the work, he won’t be afraid to pick up where the last bee left off – and then you’ll find yourself with an all-new infestation.

Don’t Let the Carpenter Bees Scare You

Bees are a very small minority in Kings’ Chapel. Don’t let this post scare you away from exploring the gorgeous homes for sale in this pretty (and largely bee-free) neighborhood. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 615-395-4947 or get in touch with us online.


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