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End-of-Summer Home Maintenance Tips from Kings’ Chapel

As much as we’d rather not think about it, the end of summer is here. That means it’s time to start preparing your Kings’ Chapel home for cooler temperatures – and there’s plenty to do.

Maintenance Tips

5 End-of-Summer “Musts”

This summer was beautifully warm, but the increased humidity we’ve experienced can cause problems during the fall if you don’t take the appropriate steps around the house. Humidity turns homes into great places for mildew and bacteria to thrive, so you’ll need to be cognizant of any high-risk areas in and around your house. Heat often causes surfaces to contract, which means they’re susceptible to cracking; you’ll need to be mindful of that, too.

  1. Protect your deck, patio and porch from upcoming autumn weather. Clean the areas and check for cracks, chipping paint or wood damage (including the damage carpenter bees may have caused).
  2. Clean and repair your driveway. Remove weeds that are sprouting in and around your driveway. If you leave the roots during cooler months, they’ll go dormant and pop back up again in the spring, and herbicides can easily wash away; it’s best if you pull them out during your end-of-summer maintenance.
  3. Pour baking soda and vinegar into your sink drains. If your house is warmer than usual, particularly during the end of the summer, you could be inviting humidity – and humidity grows bacteria, mold and mildew. You don’t want those things there when you stop using your air conditioner after the temperatures begin to drop!
  4. Replace your air filter. Now is the perfect time to make sure all the air that circulates through your home is mildew- and bacteria-free.
  5. Clean your gutters. When the leaves begin to fall, you’ll be back up there – but in the meantime, you don’t want the end-of-summer rain runoff to encounter a blockage in your gutters.
  6. Wash off your outdoor furniture and let it sun-dry. Check for signs of rust, paint chips or cracks.

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