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The development team for Kings’ Chapel, Ashby Communities LLC, has a long-term commitment to preserving the quality of life for this one-of-a-kind neighborhood by the careful building choices being made and by making sustainable infrastructure choices. Further evidence of this commitment is founder and partner John Powell having lived in the community for a few years as the development began- understanding first-hand the importance of maintaining the integrity of the community.


Established in 2004, Kings’ Chapel represents the crowning achievement for Ashby Communities and is an important example of their commitment to excellence.


“From protecting property creeks and restoring the historic chapel, we’ve carefully created a neighborhood in which I’m proud to reside. The community infrastructure from LED street lights and a gravity flow sewer system to well-water irrigation lines, provide for generations to come sustainable environmentally sound decisions impacting the overall quality of Kings’ Chapel living,” John Powell, president, Ashby Communities.